Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It was a great trip!

So, we're back from North Carolina and it was a great trip! It was great to see my dad and his wife, Linda and several other family members. We enjoyed great food, conversation and even a couple of games of Scrabble (which I won by the way! I am the Scrabble queen!!). We enjoyed our time with Maggie too! That was the first time she had ever met her great grandad and she seemed to warm up to "Papa" quite well. So, I have a few pics to show you. Enjoy these and I'll be back later with a card or two. Hope you all had a great holiday weekend and thanks for stopping by!

First up.....Maggie chillin' out in the RV and watching a Disney movie.

Next up.....Maggie "driving" the RV! (Well, not really. We were sitting in a parking lot, but hey....SHE thought she was driving!)

Next up....Maggie showing off her two bottom teeth AND two new ones coming in!

All the little cousins, pretty in pink!

And lastly, the whole bunch of us together..................


Ann said...

Seriously, Maggie is the CUTEST little girl ever! Love it when they have those two teeth on the bottom like that--so cute.

p.s. I'm the Scrabble queen, too...wish we could play together sometime! ;)

Amanda Mac said...

Maggie is such a doll! Glad the trip went so well!

Riherd Family said...

Could that sweet Mags get any cuter!?! Oh my...she's just adorable! The feet propped up during the Disney movie cracks me up -- You can tell she's totally loving the RV life! And what a precious driver you had! Look out, she'll be getting that driver's permit before you know it! :)


Carol said...

Such sweet pics!

Sankari W. said...

This is so sweet!! I LOVE the pic of Maggie with her feet up!!! How adorable is that!!! She is so sweet!!! Glad that you had a fun time!! And as for Scrabble - I am the total opposite of what a scrabble queen should be - its quite a sad thing to watch me play scrabble! lol!!!