Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 54, Recycled Elements

Our challenge at 365 Cards today is to use recycled elements on our cards (or other creations). My card base comes from paper that a local business was going to trash. Well, after looking at it and seeing that it already EVEN had the sentiment on it....HOW COULD I LET IT GO IN THE TRASH?! It also has a beautiful sheen to it. So....I used it for my card. The sentiment is on the top left corner. (click on the photo to make it larger so you can read it). My tree is made from the cardboard backing on a lined notebook pad. I go around the office stealing them from my co-workers (shhh!). The 'leaves' are from the classified ads from last week's local newspaper and punched with the Martha Stewart heart punch. Kept it simple today. Thanks for stopping by!!


Rose said...

Now how could they toss this paper?!!! So glad you recused it and found a GREAT way to use it :-) Bubbles are still working great (thank dh for me) and a HUGE thank you for the tip on todays challenge at 365 :-)

Jeannie said...

I'm not sure why I never thought of using newspaper before, but I'm glad I did today, and yours looks great too! Another AUsome creation!

Peace and Luv,

Bobbi said...

I love it, I am always dragging paper from the recycle bin at work. At first my co-workers thought I was nuts. But now they ask me if I want it before it gets tossed.. I am glad I'm not the only one out there. Again great card.

~amy~ said...

FABulous job on today's challenge crack me up...I got funny looks from people in my department the other day because they were going to recycle an envelope but it had the neatest design as the privacy liner dealio...I asked for'll probably see it next week in a card :)

Enfys said...

What a great recycling project, love your funky tree
En xx

willow said...

That paper is far too nice to throw away, I bet it was a treasure to rescue.
Great card and great thinking

Fi said...

Fabulous card, love the way you have used newspaper and aged it.
PS - did you find your bulb?
If you let me know what it is I may be able to get one for you here in Australia and send it over.

Chrissie said...

Fabulous card. Take a look at my Blog, I have left a little something for you!

Southernbelle said...

How cute is that tree! I LOVE it gf!

I have something for you at my blog too:

Big hugs!

Dolce Deb's Designs said...

Great job with this challenge and good for you to rescue this I really like what you did with it.

little cardmaker said...

Lovely blog and I love this idea!