Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ad Inspired

Ever have a card that you spend so much time on and then you just hate it? Well, I've done it today. I don't know if I'm tired or if my mojo is hiding somewhere, but I hate this card. I had a beautiful ad to be inspired by at 365 Cards (shown above) and I totally botched it. I would make another card, but it's almost 10:00 and I'm pooped. I guess I spent a little too long in the sun fishing today and it's taken all my strength and creativity. OK, now that I'm over my pitty party, here's my card. I used several Cricut carts on this one, the Cuttlebug and some stickles. I'll be back tomorrow and hopefully I'll "feel" more inspired!

Thanks for stopping by!


kristie sessions said...

oh Diana, I hate feeling un-inspired, I'm sorry you are feeling ick about this card. and I know you hate it, but i think it turned out rather nice. I like the flowers, and the layout it very creative. Sometimes we just have to step away and see it again later with fresh eyes (hopefully ones that have slept ; )
Don't worry you will have your mojo back in no time! There are so many challenges, one is bound to strike that fire up again. Hope you had a great fishing day and see you again soon!

~amy~ said...

I agree with Kristie...I'm always one to step away from projects when I get uninspired...but hey, you spent the entire day out in the sun is tiring to be out in the'll be fine tomorrow :) I like how your card turned out!!!

willow said...

Hey Diana, I am with Kristie and Amy, I think it is rather nice. I know what you mean though, you get something in your head and when it doesnt work you hate what you have ended up with, a few of my cards are like that.
Put it behind you, get some sleep and tomorrow's another day

Amanda Mac said...

That is so frustrating when mojo leaves the room! A lot of times I can go back later and completely redo the thing with some success - and then sometimes it's just better to stop and chalk it up to a bad day. LOL

You make cards every day - sometimes the mojo deserves a break. :) (I like the card, anyway.)

Dolce Deb's Designs said...

I think this card is lovely. I know you may be feeling a little mojoless (is there such a word?) but being tired can do that to a body. Anyhooo I like you card just the same. Have a great day.

Debbie Steltoh

alexandra s.m. said...

That is so darling! very interesting how you posted the ad to show your inspiration.
Thanks for your comments!


PickMePaperDesigns said...

I know what you mean too..there's nothing worse than when you get so inspired and excited by materials, ideas, etc. and then BLAH. Happens to all of us, I am sure, I know it does to me! But I really like the colors in your card!

Karen Lee said...

You will get your mojo back soon. I'm sure you were just tired from fishing!! But I must say....I really like your card!!

Jana said...

The colors here are so cheery. Keep up with the card challenges. Your mojo will come back.
Or take a few days/weeks off. It's you that has to be happy.
But this is a good card.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a great card, and heck we can't always kick in the mojo when we want to, so go through your card magazines and realize your card is better than half of those, so there. Have a great week