Sunday, February 1, 2009

I've been TAGGED!!

So, the tag is for me to go where I store my photos on my computer (mine are all on Picasa on this computer), pick the 6th folder, pick the 6th picture, then post it on my blog and tell about it. That's easy enough! So, this is a picture of my niece, Merrill, that was taken this past Christmas. She is wearing a dress that was my sister's (her mom's) when she was little. It's a beautiful, green velvet dress and Merrill looks just as pretty in it as her mom did! Merrill is such a little monkey and she loves (as all 11 month old kids do) putting things in her mouth. I think she has my mom's bracelet in her mouth. Anyway, great pic and I love her very, very much!!

Now, I'm gonna tag 3 other bloggers:
Have fun!


Taffy said...

What a cutie!! AND I LOVE LOVE the story behind the dress!! Have you scrapped this pix yet?

:) Have a great day!!

Wendy and Chris said...

That's my booger!!!

Southernbelle said...

She is so cute!!!! I hope she has a wonderful bday!!!! Take lots of pix to share with us! Take care gf! Hugs!