Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hi there!!

Long time, no see! Well, I've been getting better (health wise) so I've been crafting again. I haven't been doing many cards. Actually, I've only done cards that I needed for birthdays and such. However, I do have a new addiction..............VINYL!!! I am so in love with this stuff and what I can do with it! I've been plastering vinyl on EVERYTHING! There's even a little bit on the hubby's car :) I've been using my trusty Cricut machine and cutting all sorts of fonts and shapes. So, I'm gonna share some of my creations with you. It's kind of a long post, so bear with me. Also, most of these pics were taken at my office, so I apologize for the not so good pics! Thanks for stopping by. Let me know what you think of my new hobby :)



Amanda Mac said...

I am so so so glad to see you're doing better! I've been wondering about you and if you were starting to feel human again - so glad to see that you're making stuff!

The Riherds said...

Okay, I'm can do IT ALL! These new creations are incredible!!

I'm soooo glad you're feeling better and that you're back to crafting. The world is literally a more beautiful place when you're creating in it! :) Thrilled you're back!

Brandy said...

I love your ornaments! Which cart did you use for the fonts? I have been wanting to find a new one and this looks like a winner! Also for the vinyl to stick to the ornament, did have have to put any other glues/adhesives on it?

Mary said...

Hi Diana,

I was blog hopping tonight and stumbled across your blog. It's very nice and inspirational. I'll be back. TFS!

Stacie said...

Question regarding charger plate...Is it food safe and able to hold cookies or treats? I'd like to make some Christmas chargers to give as gifts, but at the same time, I'd like to deliver the gift with some homemade choc chip cookies. I've considered Mod-Podge to seal the lettering/designs but I don't think it is food safe. Any ideas would be helpful.

Julie said...

I have really enjoyed looking at your blog. I am new to circut and I am hoping to make some ornaments for Christmas gifts. What circut cartridge did you use? Did you have trouble with the letters laying down?

thanks, ~julie